CrazyFly Raptor LTD Neon 2023 Kiteboard

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  • Full carbon Raptor LTD Neon Kiteboard
  • Carbon 4 x 5.0 fin set
  • Board handle
  • All necessary screws

Binding optional. Heavy discount on binding.

Select your board size below and a matching discounted binding if desired.

CrazyFly Raptor LTD Neon 2023 Kiteboard
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Double Ellipse Concave

More Power, More Control…

The ellipse double concave shape in the centre of the underwater hull offers amazing control, grip and upwind performance. At the same time, this shape gives unmatched riding comfort, especially in choppy water.

CrazyFly Raptor LTD Kiteboard Double Concave

Double V-Tips

Better Grip, More Pop…

For better grip when loading the board, the Raptor LTD has been equipped with Double-V-Tips. Your jumps will be higher than ever.

CrazyFly Raptor LTD Kiteboard Double V-Tips

Nano Glide Skin

Earlier Glide, More Speed, More Grip…

The micro channels on the underside of the Raptor LTD Neon kiteboard improve the glide characteristics of the board. The Raptor LTD glides earlier, has more grip and runs upwind better due to this technology. CrazyFly introduced this innovation in 2017 and is still the only manufacturer to offer this technology.

Crazy Fly Raptor LTD Nano Glide Skin

Step Cap Technology

More grip, Directionally Stable, Runs Better Height…

The step in front of the board edge allows for very thin rails. This leads to more grip, directional stability and improves the upwind performance.

CrazyFly Raptor LTD Kiteboard Step Cap

Full Carbon Construction

Ultra-light, Strong and Durable…

CrazyFly has 15 years of experience building world-class kiteboards and believes that nothing can replace carbon fibre. Carbon fibres are ultra-light and extremely strong at the same time. This material is very dynamic and offers massive pop due to the high rebound forces.

CrazyFly full carbon kiteboard construction

High Visibility Neon Colour

Faster to Find in Dark Water…

The bright neon colour stands out in dark water and is ideal for riders who are out in the surf or need to bodydrag to the board frequently for other reasons.

Raptor LTD Neon

CompFlex 4T5 Carbon

More Flex, More Comfort, 100 g Lighter…

The latest CompFlex 4T5 Carbon on the bottom of the board makes the LTD even more comfortable and smoother, especially in choppy water. This new carbon weave provides much more flex without sacrificing strength. Plus the new weave is thinner and requires less epoxy resulting in 0,1 kg weight saving per board compared to previous models.

CompFlex 4T5 Carbon

CNC-Milled Core and Invisible Inserts

Precise, No-Frills, Consistent Flex…

This technique results in precisely shaped board cores and a flawless surface on the underside of the Raptor LTD kiteboard. Not only is the appearance improved – the flex behaviour is also not interrupted at the inserts. The inserts are thus only noticeable on the top side before mounting the binding.

Crazy Fly Raptor LTD Neon Kiteboard Core with Invisible Inserts



CrazyFly offers a three-year warranty on all CrazyFly kites and boards from 2019 onwards. and goes beyond the warranty of other manufacturers. In order to benefit from the warranty, you must return your purchased board or kite to within 30 days of purchase from CrazyFly. You can find all details about the warranty on our page CrazyFly Manufacturer Warranty.

CrazyFly Raptor LTD Neon 2023 Kiteboard 1

Technical data

Size [cm] 132 x 41 136 x 41 140 x 42 143 x 43
Weight [kg] 2.2 2.3 2.5 2.6
Stiffness 790 780 760 740
Stance 38 | 42 | 46 cm *

* The Raptor LTD Neon works best with pads and straps. If you want to ride wakeboard bindings, you should rather go for the Raptor Extreme, Raptor or Bulldozer.





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