CrazyFly Manufacturer Warranty

For all kites and boards of the brand CrazyFly, from year of manufacture 2019, the manufacturer CrazyFly grants a 3-year warranty. The warranty applies to the following cases of damage, differentiated by board or kite:


Covered by 3 year manufacturer’s warranty in case of ordinary use* or crashing of the kite onto the water:

  • Canopy tear
  • Sewing coming undone
  • Leaking valve
  • Burst bladder
  • Leading edge or trailing edge damage and tears
  • Broken bridle line


Covered by 3-year manufacturer’s warranty in case of ordinary use* or fall in the water as well as jump landing on the water:

  • Broken board
  • Broken rail
  • Delamination
  • Damaged insert or fin holes


*The 3-year warranty of CrazyFly does not apply to kites and boards used commercially by kite schools, rentals, etc., ordinary wear and tear and damage caused by accidents such as contact of the kite with trees or contact of the board with rocks. The warranty applies only to the first owner

Important: Registration required

To benefit from this manufacturer’s warranty, you must register your product at the following manufacturer’s site CrazyFly within 30 days of purchase:

To register, you need an invoice that clearly indicates the product to be registered and the date of purchase. When you make a purchase, you will of course receive a corresponding invoice by email without being asked. Please contact us immediately if you have not received such an email.


The period for calculating the warranty period begins on the date of the invoice. The warranty provided by the manufacturer CrazyFly is valid worldwide. If defects in materials or workmanship occur during this period, CrazyFly, as warrantor, will provide under the warranty one of the following benefits at its option:

  • Free of charge repair of the goods or
  • free replacement of the goods with an item of equal value (including, where applicable, a successor model if the original goods are no longer available).

Please contact your dealer or us directly in the event of a warranty claim:

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67292 Kirchheimbolanden

Email: i n f o @ l u n a t i c . e u
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Your legal rights are not restricted by this guarantee promise. In particular, any existing statutory warranty rights against us remain unaffected by this guarantee promise.