CrazyFly Foilboard Chill 2021

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Included: Foilboard, Optional: Foil, Straps.

Select your board size below and, if required, a compatible foil and the matching foot straps.

CrazyFly Foilboard Chill 2021
Foil / Surf Straps
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Chill 2021

Allround Riding Fun

The Chill is an allround low volume foil kiteboard, suitable for kitesurfers with little experience*. Its compact size, high nose and speed rocker allow the Chill to glide effortlessly and lift you out of the water in no time. The central carbon stringer ensures direct power transmission and a dynamic feel.

*However, you should always learn the basics of kitesurfing on a normal kiteboard.

High nose

No Nosing-In…

The Chill Foilboard’s highly bent nose helps you launch by keeping your board afloat in the swell. Even if you lose control for a short time, you are more likely to get away without falling with this nose shape, as the board does not dip into the water as quickly.

Chill Foilboard High Nose

Wood Core with Carbon Stringer

Stiff and Dynamic…

The Chill has a high-quality CNC-milled wood core, reinforced by a central carbon stringer on both the top and bottom. This gives the board more stiffness and responsiveness.

Wood core with carbon stringer

Blind Foil Inserts

No Frills, Simple and Fast…

This design allows the foil to be fitted quickly and easily. The inserts do not go through the top. There is only the soft pad on the top, nothing else. Screwing is done exclusively from below, i.e. you don’t have to turn the board back and forth or work sideways.

Chill Foil Mount Tech

Curved Deck

More Control…

The arched deck offers easy handling and more control when jibing.

Chill-Foilboard bulged deck

Large Footpad footprint

Comfortable and Safe…

The Chill comes with a pre-installed large deck pad. This gives you more grip and safety. Plus, thanks to the blind inserts, there are no screw heads on the top.

Chill Deck Footpad



CrazyFly offers a three-year warranty on all CrazyFly kites and boards from 2019 onwards. and goes beyond the warranty of other manufacturers. In order to benefit from the warranty, you must return your purchased board or kite to within 30 days of purchase from CrazyFly. You can find all details about the warranty on our page CrazyFly Manufacturer Warranty.

CrazyFly Foilboard Chill 2021 1


Size [cm] 115 x 44 130 x 46
Weight [kg] 2.9 3.3
Stance 38 | 42 cm
Lochabstand auf Foil-Mast-Platte: 165 x 90 mm





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