CrazyFly Pure Foilboard

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CrazyFly Pure Foilboard
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The World’s Lightest Foilboard

The Pure is a masterpiece of lightweight construction. In the medium version (88 x 43 cm), this foil board weighs only 1.58 kg. The sample we ordered weighed an incredible 1.52 kg – including the full-area deck pad! Such a board weight is made possible by recesses in the wooden core and high-end full carbon fabric. Despite this enormous weight saving, this foil board is stiff and direct.

The Pure is designed for both, the slightly above average foil board rider and the expert looking for the smallest and lightest foil board. The medium-high nose of the Pure does not push up water on landing, allowing the board to maintain its momentum after touchdown. However, this requires a high level of riding skill. The light weight of the Pure is clearly noticeable when jumping.

The Pure rides well both with and without footstraps. It can be easily tilted on its side for water launching and is launched effortlessly. The Pure foilboard remains stiff despite its enormous weight saving due to the short board length, the concave shape and the use of high-performance carbon fibres. As a result, the Pure feels very solid and responsive under your feet.

With a length of less than one metre in the longest version and a weight of well under two kg, the Pure from CrazyFly is particularly easy to fit in your luggage.


Extremely Lightweight

The Pure is without a doubt the lightest foil board in the world. In the medium board size of 88 x 43 cm, the board weighs only an incredible 1850 grams. With over 20 years of experience in lightweight windsurfing/kitesurfing/surfing boards and foils, the engineers at CrazyFly managed to reduce the board weight without compromising stability and performance. After all, the board is a production foil board that should guarantee customers years of joy.



Lightweight and Strong

This patent-pending innovation from CrazyFly is novel in kiteboarding. The cut-outs become real cavities between the upper and lower decks in the finished board


Blind Foil Inserts

Free of Frills, Simple and Fast…

This design allows the foil to be fitted quickly and easily. The inserts do not go through the top. There is only the soft pad on the top, nothing else. Screwing is done exclusively from below, i.e. you don’t have to turn the board back and forth or work sideways.

F-Lite Foil Mount Tech

Large Footpad

Comfortable and Safe…

The Pure comes with a pre-installed large footpad. This gives you more grip and safety. In addition, thanks to the blind inserts, there are no screw heads on the top.

Deck Footpad

High-Tech Full Carbon Construction

Passionately Handcrafted…

The carbon fabric is precisely machine cut but hand laid with attention to detail. CrazyFly has 15 years of experience in building premium kiteboards and believes that nothing can replace carbon fibre. Carbon fibres are ultra-light and at the same time extremely strong. This material is particularly dynamic due to the high rebound forces and therefore offers a very direct feel.

CrazyFly full carbon kiteboard construction



CrazyFly offers a three-year warranty on all CrazyFly kites and boards from 2019 onwards. and goes beyond the warranty of other manufacturers. In order to benefit from the warranty, you must return your purchased board or kite to within 30 days of purchase from CrazyFly. You can find all details about the warranty on our page CrazyFly Manufacturer Warranty.

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Size [cm] 77 x 43 88 x 43 99 x 44
Weight [kg] 1.4 1.6 1.8
Stance 35 cm / 13.5 inch
Hole spacing on foil mast plate: 165 x 90 mm





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