CrazyFly Elite III Kiteboard

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  • Full carbon Elite III kiteboard
  • Hexa Elite III Binding (Pads & Straps)
  • 4 x 5.0 fins set
  • 4 x 3.0 fins set
  • Board handle
  • Board bag
  • T-Shirt, Stickers, Tote Bag, etc.
  • Everything comes pre-assembled in the boardbag

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CrazyFly Elite III Kiteboard
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CrazyFly Elite III Kiteboard 1

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CrazyFly Elite III

Lightest Kiteboard in the World

CrazyFly is redefining the future of the ultimate kiteboard. Blending together the most advanced technologies and materials while focusing on the best possible performance, they created the third version of the Elite board – Elite III. It displays the sensuality of high performance and possesses the elegance of pure, uncompromising design. The Elite III is a masterpiece of extreme light weight engineering and demonstrates the outstanding expertise of CrazyFly in all areas of carbon fiber technology.

The Elite III is more than a board, it is a status. To complement its superiority, the Elite III board comes in a boardbag and the board is mounted, ready to hit the water.

Performance wise, the Elite III was designed as a high end freeride board. As with every carbon board, the Elite III has quite a lot of pop and dynamics, so the load ‘n’ pop will not disappoint. Unlike other carbon boards, the Elite III is the most flexible carbon board out there. It definitely is comfortable to ride. Due to its extreme light weight, it is very simple to maneuver and thanks to the double concave bottom shape, it handles chop extremely well.

Brand new layup features two layers of carbon on the top and two on the bottom. One layer is the CompFlex 4T5 carbon with 45 degree angled fibers for optimal torsion flex, which makes the board stiffer in heel to toe direction. This is topped with a brand news HMX-CF2 carbon which gives the board strength along the length of the board. The HMX-CF2 carbon is the thinnest, lightest and highest tensile strength carbon material. Thanks to its properties it provides a very comfortable medium flex.

With a patent pending Air Inside Core technology, CrazyFly was able to save another (TBC) grams compared to the previous Elite III. This makes the Elite III the lightest board in the world.

The Elite III – Status defined.

The Absolute Benchmark

Whatever it Costs…

The objective for the development of the Elite III was to realise a technologically advanced kiteboard using the best possible materials and manufacturing techniques. Cost was not to be the limiting factor. The result was a lightweight masterpiece that underlines CrazyFly’s expertise in all areas of carbon fibre technology. The Elite III is not a feasibility study. Instead it is available for purchase and comes fully assembled in a boardbag.

Elite III Kiteboard Lightweight


Lightweight Engineering…

The Elite III is the lightest production board in the world. In its mid-size, 136 x 41 cm, the board itself weighs an incredible 1760 grams. This is 180 grams less than the first Elite. Complete with accessories the Elite III weighs only 2790 grams, making it the lightest board in the industry. CrazyFly’s engineers have spent tremendous amount of time searching for options to strip down weight without compromising performance and durability. With the air inside wood core and the most advanced carbon technology so far, they successfully created a Feather Light masterpiece.



Lightweight and Strong

The CNC-manufactured wood core with cavities reduces weight by 140 grams. This patent-pending innovation by CrazyFly elevates the Elite III to the status of the lightest kiteboard in the world. The cavities were not only created with weight reduction in mind, but were also specifically arranged for an optimal flex pattern of the board.



Nano-Carbon Fibre Technology

HMX-CF2 is the most advanced carbon fibre technology. The combination of nano-technology, carbon nano-tube reinforced resins and T1000G carbon result in the strongest tensile fibre on the planet. As a pre-preg scrim (pre-impregnated with resin), a uniform resin concentration is ensured, resulting in the best possible molecular bonding. The improved cohesion between the fibres provides amazing force transfer rates, even away from the fibre direction. The professional use of HMX-CF2 results in an extremely lightweight kiteboard with uncompromising power transmission and dynamics.

HMX-CF2 Nano Technology Carbon Fibers

CompFlex 4T5 Carbon

45 Degree Weave for More Torsional Stiffness

One layer of the new CompFlex 4T5 Carbon provides torsional rigidity to the Elite III. This carbon weave has a 45-degree fibre direction and ensures that this weight-optimised board offers enough pop for take-off.

CompFlex 4T5 Carbon

Double Concave Along the Entire Length of the Board

More Power, More Control, Soft Landings

The full-length double concave gives you more grip, more upwind performance and more control over the board. At the same time, this shape delivers unsurpassed riding comfort, especially in choppy water. You land soft on a cushion of air that is fixed under the board by the concave until the landing is complete.

Double concave

How Does the Elite III Ride?

Freeride / Freestyle

This lightweight wonder was designed as a high-end freeride/freestyle kiteboard. Like every board from CrazyFly, the Elite III is packed with pop and dynamics. So the load ‘n’ pop will not disappoint you at all. Wakestyle purists, however, have to refer to CrazyFly’s Bulldozer, because maximum stiffness logically comes with a bit more weight.

Kiteloop with the Elite III Kiteboard by CrazyFly



CrazyFly offers a three-year warranty on all CrazyFly kites and boards from 2019 onwards. and goes beyond the warranty of other manufacturers. In order to benefit from the warranty, you must return your purchased board or kite to within 30 days of purchase from CrazyFly. You can find all details about the warranty on our page CrazyFly Manufacturer Warranty.

CrazyFly Elite III Kiteboard 2

Technische Daten

Size [cm] 132 x 41 136 x 41 140 x 42
Weight [kg] 1.65 1.75 1.88
Stiffness 760 740 720
Stance 38 | 42 | 46 cm





Rider Level