CrazyFly Lock Kiteboarding Binding

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  • Limitless Adjustment Options
  • Straps adjustable with one hand
  • Premium materials
  • Locked Velcro System
  • Heel Suspension

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CrazyFly Lock Binding – The Ultimate Rider-Board Connection

The footpad boasts an ergonomic shape with enhanced heel support, ensuring a snug fit tailored to all foot shapes. With a wide range of footstrap adjustability and flexibility, you’ll find the personalized fit you crave. No need to worry about those intense landings – the triple density footpad cushioning offers optimal protection for your feet.

To enhance grip even when wet, the footpad is topped with a non-slip textured diamond grip, giving you ultimate traction on the board. The refined Lock strap offers the perfect balance of comfort and support, equipped with wide velcro adjustments and side stiffeners for added lateral support.

Adjusting the footstrap size is a breeze, allowing you to make quick changes on the go. Prepare yourself for a whole new level of locked-in feel, unrivaled comfort, and unwavering support. All this innovation comes at an incredibly lightweight of just 0.7 kg, giving you the freedom to soar through your ride effortlessly.

Get ready to experience the ultimate connection between rider and board. Welcome to the future of binding technology.

Kiteboarding Binding With Huge adjustability

So Many Options…

The Lock footpad takes adaptability to new heights, allowing movement in six directions: up, down, left, right, clockwise, and counter-clockwise. This unprecedented freedom of adjustment ensures your feet find their perfect position for optimal performance.

Not to be outdone, the Lock footstrap adds to the customization options, enabling easy adjustments in multiple directions – up, down, forward, backward, and angled. With this level of fine-tuning, you’ll achieve the perfect fit for your unique riding style.

CrazyFly Lock Binding Adjustability

Locked Velcro System

Widely Adjustable And Secure

The Lock Strap Velcro system offers the perfect balance of convenience and security. Thanks to the large velcro strap on the outer side of the foot, making on-the-go adjustments is a breeze. Simply reach, pull, and adjust – it’s that easy.

To ensure protection from water spray, all closing ends of the velcro straps are cleverly concealed on the inside of the feet. This thoughtful design keeps them safe and dry, even in challenging conditions. Enhancing the overall performance, the increased surface area of all velcro straps provides an even more secure and reliable closing mechanism for the Lock Strap.

With the Lock Strap Velcro system, experience the ease of quick adjustments and the peace of mind of a secure fit – all in one innovative design.

Lock Binding Velcro System

Improved Footstrap Outline

Suitable for All Foot Shapes

Leveraging over two decades of data, feedback, and engineering expertise, CrazyFly proudly presents the most advanced kiteboarding footstrap design to date. The Lock footstrap is the result of meticulous optimization, perfectly tailored to accommodate all foot shapes while delivering unmatched support in all the right places – without any unwanted restrictions. Experience the pinnacle of comfort and performance with our cutting-edge footstrap shape, crafted to elevate your riding experience like never before.

CrazyFly Lock Kiteboarding Footstrap

Lock Kiteboarding Footpad

Ergonomic Triple Density Cushion

The Lock footpad boasts a meticulously crafted ergonomic 3D shape, ensuring the perfect fit, exceptional grip, cushioning, and comfort. Thanks to the triple density EVA material, the lock footpad offers superior shock absorption under your heels, guaranteeing a smooth and comfortable ride. Rest assured, the lock pads are both highly durable and incredibly comfortable, crafted from the finest quality EVA material available.

Ergonomic Kiteboarding Footpad

Flexible Footstraps

Perfectly Snug Fit

Indulge in the ultimate flexibility and secure fit with the new Lock straps. Once you slip them on, you’ll experience a perfect, snug sensation that guarantees both comfort and a locked-in feel. The unparalleled comfort of the Lock straps is further reinforced by the Triple Stix plastic stiffeners, carefully inserted into both sides of the footstrap for enhanced support. Embrace the perfect harmony of comfort and foot support with CrazyFly’s innovative Lock straps.

Flexible Kiteboarding Straps

Triple Stix

Flexibility and Support

The Lock Binding is equipped with a total of three plastic stiffeners on each foot, strategically designed to cater to different support needs while riding. Recognizing the necessity for increased support on the outer side of the foot and greater flexibility on the inner side, CrazyFly’s designers have skillfully incorporated a large plastic stiffener on the outside and two smaller ones on the inside. This ingenious configuration provides optimal lateral foot support while ensuring enhanced footstrap flexibility. Additionally, the Triple Stix offer the advantage of multiple strap positions against the footpad, allowing you to achieve the perfect center of gravity and a personalized fit. With the Lock Binding, experience the artful fusion of support and flexibility, delivering an unmatched riding experience tailored to your unique style.

CrazyFly Triple Stix

Fusion Frame

Ultralight Yet Extremely Solid…

The Fusion Frame from CrazyFly surrounds the Lock Footpad and ensures direct contact between board and footpads. This technology saves weight and provides the best possible connection between rider and board.

CrazyFly Fusion Frame

Extremely Lightweight

Lighter is Better

CrazyFly bindings have consistently stood as one of the lightest on the market, and this latest edition is no exception. With the integration of cutting-edge technology in the footstraps and pads, CrazyFly achieved significant weight reduction, resulting in the complete Lock binding weighing only 0.7 kg. Experience the ultimate combination of performance and featherlight design with the revolutionary Lock binding.


Backwards Compatible

Compatible to all CrazyFLy Boards from 2016 Onwards

The Lock binding is compatible with all CrazyFly boards from the 2016 model year onwards, making it a seamless and effortless upgrade option for you.

CrazyFly Binding Compatibility



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