CrazyFly Kites & Boards Package Deal

From €1541,90 incl. VAT

€ 1,295.71  Outside the EU

Discounted CrazyFly Kiteboarding Set consisting of 1 to 3 selectable kite(s), and 1 to 2 kiteboard(s), kiteboard binding(s), bar(s), pump(s), safety(s), etc. each.

Delivery time: 3 to 8 days from payment receipt

Scope of delivery: Kite + Backpack, Kiteboard incl. Fins and Handle
Optional:Bar, Safety-Leash, Kiteboard Binding, Pump, Double quantities with more discount

VAT-free outside of the EU. The correct price for your destination will appear once you set the delivery country in the sales process.

CrazyFly 2022 Kite -15%
Second CrazyFly 2022 Kite -20%
Third CrazyFly 2022 Kite -25%
CrazyFly Kiteboard -15%
Second CrazyFly Kiteboard -20%
Kiteboard Binding -30%
Second Kiteboard Binding -30%
Control Bar -20%
Second Control Bar -20%
Second Safety Leash -30%
Safety Leash -30%
Kite-Pump -30%
Legal notice: In case of partial return, not the partial item shown on the invoice will be refunded, but the difference resulting from this offer configurator. It may be necessary or possible to renegotiate. We are flexible in this respect.
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