CrazyFly Hyper 2022 Kite

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CrazyFly Hyper 2021 Kite
Control Bar
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Hyper – High Performance Freeride/Big Air Kite

The Hyper from CrazyFly is a high performance machine. Its high aspect ratio provides strong performance in turn-up, terminal velocity and hangtime. With five struts, the Hyper flies absolutely stable and offers pure lift, glide and smooth touchdowns.

The new Hyper received another major upgrade. Weight has once again been reduced. Compared to last year, the 12m kite now weighs another 300 grams less, coming in at 0.308 kg per m2. This was achieved by implementing the lightweight Tertex material. It is two times stronger than CrazyFly’s Triplex ripstop and at the same time TerTex is forty percent lighter than the Dacron material CrazyFly uses.

The weight reduction makes a big difference in how the Hyper kite performs. Lighter kites move faster through the air, are easier to relaunch and turn quicker. It also increases the wind range, as low end performance is increased, because the kite is still able to fly in lighter winds.

With the weight reduction, the bridle of the Hyper needed to be redesigned to squeeze the best possible performance and take full advantage of the weight savings. Bar pressure is reduced and the new Hyper has a much more fluent feel to it. The canopy is again more refined with reduced number of panels.

While all these aspects were improved, the amazing hangtime and lift of the Hyper stayed untouched.

CrazyFly Hyper 2022 Kite 1

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The Hyper is manufactured directly at CrazyFly’s headquarters in Slovakia, so it is made in Europe. There is no interface between manufacturer and producer – everything comes from a single source. CrazyFly sets new manufacturing standards and leaves nothing to chance. For example, the latest manufacturing technologies are used and seams are tested in a laboratory. CrazyFly confidently offers a three-year warranty on its kites.

Delta Bow Shape

Lots of Power and Depower, Auto-Relaunch…

This shape is a mix of Delta and Bow, combining the advantages of both shapes. It offers a lot of power and boost as needed but at the same time plenty of depower and control. The relaunch works almost automatically thanks to the curved front tube. With maximum airtime and medium bar forces, this kite is ideal for powered freeriding, big airs and hooked freestyle.

CrazyFly Hyper - Delta Bow Shape

5-Strut Design

Less Weight, More Power…

Five struts on the Hyper provide a stable support structure for the kite sail. This is necessary for a kite with such a high aspect ratio. This keeps the Hyper in shape during high jumps and lets you glide safely and smoothly back to the water surface.

CrazyFly Hyper - 5 Strut Design


Twice as Strong and 40% Lighter…

TerTex is a brand new material used on all 2022 CrazyFly kites. It is two times stronger than Triplex triple ripstop and at the same time TerTex is forty percent lighter than the Dacron material. Applied on all struts, wingtips and over the central strut of all 2022 CrazyFly kites, TerTex radically reduces kite weight. Lighter kites have better low end, move faster through the air, are easier to relaunch and turn quicker. TerTex also increases the wind range, as low end performance is increased, because the lighter kite is still able to fly in lighter winds.


Airlock Valve

Easier Inflation and Quicker Deflation…

With the Airlock valve you will inflate your kite faster and with less resistance. The nozzle of your pump is securely attached to the Hyper’s air intake with a half turn and is guaranteed not to pop off when pumping. After kiting, you will deflate your kite in no time and have your feet dry faster.

CrazyFly Hyper Airlock Valve

Reinforced Leading Edge Seam

More Resilient and Forgiving…

The Leading Edge seam has been reinforced at the Hyper with a second layer of Dacron. This makes up for four total dacron layers on the seam in horizontal direction. In the centre of the kite, the LE seam is elegantly routed past the valves.

CrazyFly Hyper LE seam

Direct Attachment of Control Lines

Better Force Application and Responsiveness…

On the new Hyper, the backlines are tied directly to the main tube. This way the power distribution in the canopy is more even and the kite more responsive.

CrazyFly Hyper tie-in points

Double Trailing Edge

More Even Force Distribution, More Stability…

The double layer of ripstop along the trailing edge saves weight compared to heavyweight material and ensures a more even distribution of force. This also benefits better shape retention and reduces flutter, which not ultimately leads to longer life.

Double-layer trailing edge



CrazyFly offers a three-year warranty on all CrazyFly kites and boards from 2019 onwards. and goes beyond the warranty of other manufacturers. In order to benefit from the warranty, you must return your purchased board or kite to within 30 days of purchase from CrazyFly. You can find all details about the warranty on our page CrazyFly Manufacturer Warranty.

CrazyFly Hyper 2022 Kite 2

Technical Specifications

Size 7 m2 9 m2 10 m2 12 m2 15 m2
Wind range [knots] 15-40 12-33 11-28 10-24 9-20
Weight 2.7 kg 3.1 kg 3.3 kg 3.7 kg 4.1 kg

Unhooked Freestyle

Hooked Freestyle







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