CrazyFly Hexa II Neon Green Binding

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  • Limitless Adjustment Options
  • Straps adjustable with one hand
  • Premium materials
  • Ergonomically comfortable
  • Fusion Frame

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Comfortable, Limitless Adjustment Options

The Hexa II binding offers unlimited Adjustment Options to provide maximum comfort and feel for all foot sizes and shapes. The Hexa II footpad can be moved on the board plane in all four directions as well as rotated left or right. The Hexa II Straps can be moved forward/backward or up/down and adjusted steeper or flatter. These adjustments to the pads and straps of the Hexa II binding are really very easy to make.

Premium Materials

Every Detail Counts…

CrazyFly uses only the highest quality materials for the Hexa II binding. The straps are padded with two densities of EVA foam and trimmed in thick, soft and durable neoprene. The pads are also made of EVA foam in two different densities, surrounded by a solid frame (Fusion Frame). All plastic parts of the Hexa binding are made of resistant high-performance polymers from DuPont®.

CrazyFly Hexa Neon Kiteboarding Binding Material

Quattro Stix

Tidy and Ingeniously Simple…

The Quattro Stix are the foundation of the Hexa Strap and allow for optimal fit and comfort. The Quattro Stix can be slid back and forth depending on where you want to position the strap.

CrazyFly Quattro Stix

Fusion Frame

Ultralight Yet Extremely Solid…

The Fusion Frame from CrazyFly surrounds the Hexa Footpad and ensures direct contact between board and footpads. This technology saves weight and provides the best possible connection between rider and board.

CrazyFly Fusion Frame